Matrix-Q Human Capital 

Matrix-Q Human Capital

  • Human Capital Recruiting & Training Services
  • Specialized in Matrix-Q Standard, Licenses
  • Specialized in Matrix-Q Trainings: Skills, Knowledge, Tools, Technology, Data.

OUR CUSTOMERS searching for new human capital

  • Innovation and data driven leadership
  • SDG Compliance
  • Matrix-Q Certification & Licenses.
  • Matrix-Q 4.0 Technology & Applications Developers

Your organization needs new team members that are already certified Matrix-Q developers or Matrix-Q Leaders (Matrix-Q Standard).

Your team members (candidates) have joined a recruiting program.

Your internship candidates are receiving a Matrix-Q Foundation Skills program

Matrix-Q Human Capital is the only provider in the HHRR Market of a complete Matrix-Q compliant recruiting, training and certification package.

OUR EXPERTISE : Matrix-Q Human Capital

    • Human Capital Profiling
    • Quantification of human capital value
    • Risk Assessment
    • Job/Role DNA Generation
    • Evaluation
    • Ranking
    • Valuation
    • Acquisition of knowledge, tools, skills, technology (Training)
    • Certification, Accreditation (User Licenses)
    • Profiling, Ranking, Valuation
    • Internship Program Candidates
    • Volunteer Program Candidates
    • Talents Program Candidates
    • Children Program Trainer Candidates

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