Co-founder Innovation Start up: Sales & Marketing

Co-founder Innovation Start up: Sales & Marketing

Join to strengthen our co-founder’s team.

A.I., Smart Apps, V.R., e-Games production and Consultancy services with social impact.


Experience of at lest 2 years in
-scalable products
-social media sales and marketing

Familiar and Knowledge on on innovation in at least 2 of the following
– Consultancy, coaching and training services
– Human capital
– Sustainability
– Social impact
– Circular Economy
– Gender equity effectiveness
– Health and happiness at work
– Cloud based products
– A.I., B.I., Smart Apps, V.R., e-Games

-Learning skills
-Speaks english for business (ideal but not mandatory: Dutch)
-Ideal if you live in the Netherlands, but not mandatory. We would like to build an international team.
-Ability to work online


Our mission is to protect the investment in hybrid capital: Human + A.I. + Automaton. We measure the impact of investment in human capital

Our technology* helps you optimize the management of your investment in human capital**

-Capacity building programs
-Leadership development programs
-Promotions and wages increase
-Prevention : Health and happiness at work
-Including people with distance to labor market (Human-Inclusive circularity)
-Gender equity effectiveness
-Performance enhancement
(**) Human + A.I. + Automation.
(*) B.I., A.I., Smart Apps, Data-Driven Tools, V.R., A.R., e-Games, e-Learning, e-Score Card

Our message:
-Technology and humanity can rise together and in harmony with each other.

We would like to create social impact.
Join to strengthen our co-founder’s team.


Our company provides hybrid services, develop innovative technology and applications for human capital(like data driven tools for analysis, smart apps, e-games, V.R., e-learning, A.I.).

We also provide consultancy and training with focus on systemic strategic impact and human inclusive circular economy.


In collaboration with a team you will have under your responsibility a number of products and accounts, generate leads and close sales.

You may be a fit for one or more of the following:


Online marketing and sales




Direct sales


Events organization






– free schedule

-Online and in-premises team work

-Opportunity to create social impact

-Contribute with SDG2030 achievement


– Complete training 1-3 years program: Matrix-Q Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Sales & Marketing, licenses and certificates included in the working and learning process.


The co-founders program offers a free-entrepreneurship combined with a compensation system

– A number of compensation models will be applied since the first season of work: including success bonus, project bonus, wages/hour, sales % commission, tokens; work-study, according to a compensation stages plan.

– Compensation will vary according to stage in the program (5 stages) and project you have been assigned to. Please contact us for more details.

– Eligible candidates that have completed the program will have right of dividends.


Along our co-founders program you will receive training in our know how, tools, methods. After completion of training certification and licenses will give you the level of expertise necessary to lead projects and interventions.

We aim for global impact, by implementing a new model of CE (3-Fold Human Inclusive Circular Economy)

We engage in continuous research and innovation in the field of human capital applied to sustainable development.


Offers you the opportunity to participate in the development of the company in the praxis of free-entrepreneurship, acquire knowledge, tools, experience and qualify for co-ownership (share holder). Please contact us for more details.

The co-founder’s program has a length from 5 to 12 months, with a system of compensation for working hours, tasks and success bonus. After the co-founder’s program has been completed, if eligible ,you may receive right for shares of the company, convertible bonds or employment contract.


Please send an intentional letter with your CV
We will schedule a skype session as first interview and introduction to the program