MQRI Recruiting Program


Facilitating a career plan for candidates to MQRI (SLDMF) Board Members.


The Matrix-Q Research Institute (MQRI) is a division of the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (SLDMF). Their duty is to care, protect, promote and share the body of work, research studies, of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, and the future innovation and research with foundation in his body of work. As well to apply the body of work with purpose of supporting the development of a global sustainable culture and advanced civilizations  (global sustainable development). [See more details at SLDMF by laws]


  • Board Member


  • Management of the SLDMF
  • Supervision of  the divisions
  • Care for the behavior of the organization, according to the objectives of its foundation.
  • Ad honorem role.


Candidates should, according to by our laws, complete a career process with following achievements.

  • Certified licensed Matrix-Q Knowledge User
  • Systemic Rank Level necessary for the role
  • Effective performance and experience at all career levels by applying the necessary Matrix-Q Knowledge: volunteer, intern, project assistant, project team member, project manager, product manager, business line manager, area manager, innovation manager, division manager, region manager.
  • Wealth generation ability. (9 Economies)
  • Verified commitment, engagement, with the objectives and duties of the organization.

(more details are available only under request )