Matrix-Q Internship Program

Matrix-Q Internship Program

Internship tasks will be combined with a Matrix-Q Human Capital Capacity Building Program:

  • Innovation-Driven Leadership Program
  • R&D Multidisciplinary Innovation Assistant Role
  • Qualification process for Matrix-Q Work-Study Program 
  • Matrix-Q Innovation Tools Certificate
  • Foundation for a Matrix-Q License (Trainer, Coach, Consultant)
  • Lean Learning Yellow Belt Certificate
  • Human Enhancement Program
  • Matrix-Q Tokens


Interns will be assigned to specific tasks in any of the following fields of work.

  • Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership Skills
  • Technology 4.0
  • Data-Driven Tools
  • Circular Economy
  • Climate Change
  • Systemic Impact
  • SDG2030
  • Social Inclusion
  • Human Proof


The focus for each intern may vary according to project.

Interns will be assigned to one or more projects for a length of 3 to more months.

Interns may collaborate in:

  • The implementation of scalable applications which involve A.I., B.I. V.R. IoT, Next Generation e-learning & Smart Apps, e-Tests, e-Games, Data-Driven Tools, EdgeComputing.
  • Awareness rising campaigns, social communication for development
  • Matrix-Q Start Up Acceleration Program
  • Multidisciplinary Research & Development, Innovation
  • Matrix-Q Ecosystem
  • Matrix-Q Academy
  • Matrix-Q Ecosystem Start-Ups and Companies
  • Others


  • Online Work
  • International Team Work
  • Global Impact Tasks
  • Training in-Premises
  • Join / Create a Matrix-Q Innovation Cluster at your own Location/Country.


  • Vary according to project.
  • Interns may join with a time availability of minimum  9 hours per week.
  • Intensive projects are not mandatory, and may need of 20-40 hours per week.


You need english language, multidisciplinary work capacity, aspiration to become an impact innovation-entrepreneur

You may be still completing your studies (pre-professional internship) or having already a degree and aiming for professional experience or entrepreneurship.

If you have work experience as entrepreneur, and non academic knowledge and competences, you are also welcome to apply.

The academic degree serve us as a reference of your background knowledge. For an all round-innovation entrepreneur experience and capacity of application in the field is as well very important. Our Internship program aims to create a balanced foundation in both areas.

Our current focus is on interns that would like to join a company or entrepreneurial project within 2-5 years (80%). Vocational internship places are limited (20%)

There is no age limit for the Matrix-Q Internship Program. In the case that you wish to shift to a new professional field of work, or transform your current professional approach or entrepreneurial vision into innovation driven entrepreneurship, leadership and social impact.


Our goal is to provide a foundation capacity building program for future impact innovation entrepreneurs and team members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem Companies.

In order to apply please start with the step 01.

  1. Pre-evaluation: Review of CV, intentional letter (Fields of interest, your location/country approach, what would you like to work for, innovation, develop, create a positive impact). Interview, online tasks, e-training & e-test. You need english language, multidisciplinary work capacity, aspiration to become an impact innovation-entrepreneur. email to  We will answer you within 9-18 days.
  2. Trial season. Tasks completion, team work and skills-set will be evaluated.
  3. Matrix-Q Research Institute Internship 6-9 months for R&D or for the Matrix-Q Start-Up Acceleration Program. 
  4. If eligible will join a Matrix-Q Work-Study Program : 9-12 months at a Matrix-Q Ecosystem Company.