• Matrix-Q Human Capital is a division of the Matrix-Q Research Institute
  • We focus on delivering human competences that A.I. can not replace;
  • We build up leaders with ability to manage the human capital 4.0 : Humna+A.I. + Automatons
  • Through our recruiting and training programs we enable awareness of important topics like social responsibility, sustainable development (SDGs), circular economy, climate change, gender equity effectiveness, human enhancement


The Matrix-Q Research Institute has decided to implement a human inclusive approach along the 4.0 Industrial revolution.

The disruptive implementation of 4.0 Technology will displace employees in all industries within 10 years. Within this context, how do companies and academic institutions protect the investment in human capital ?

The Matrix-Q Research Institute  is promoting a social responsible practice among network, customers and ecosystem, to give the opportunity to the human capital to evolve and reformulate its value along the process of implementation of 4.0 technology.

The ability to learn, acquire new knowledge, tools, skills, data, technology, standard will make a great difference for leaders in 4.0 world.

The Matrix-Q Research Institute has implemented a recruiting procedure with innovative assessment methodologies, indicators of value, skills, tools and knowledge that are necessary, disruptive and important for the market and for the 4.0 Revolution.

Since 2019, the Matrix-Q Human Capital Division manages the Matrix-Q Ecosystem Co-founder’s Program