Matrix-Q Co-Founders’ Program


Please send your CV and an introduction letter to 


For our start-up and ecosystem we appreciate the application of all-round entrepreneurs with one or more of the following expertise fields.

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • PR
  • Strategic Management
  • Circular Economy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Gender Equity
  • Apps Development
  • V.R. Development
  • e-Games Development
  • Education
  • Sustainable Development
  • SDGs
  • Funding Acquisition
  • Human Capital
  • Neuroscience
  • Performing Arts
  • Health Applications
  • Franchise Management
  • Research & Development

General Conditions

  • Location (Priority: The Netherlands / Secondary: Other close to mayor global cities)
  • Language: English (Bonus: dutch, german, spanish, french and others)
  • Availability: from 40% to more.
  • Academic degrees must be balanced with experience in the field (entrepreneurship) and ability to engage into multidisciplinary work, and contribute with collective the emotional intelligence and sustainable growth of the ecosystem. We appreciate learning skills. PhD, Master Degrees are welcome, as well as professionals with non academic competences that are able to learn by doing and self-educate themselves while facing challenges in the field.

Matrix-Q Ecosystem Start Ups

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem is composed by Matrix-Q Label Holders, Spin-Offs (limited liability) of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Non-profit projects & R&D projects of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, and Matrix-Q Accelerator Program startups.

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Matrix-Q Start Ups 2019

  • MQ9 Solutions: ICT Next Generation Applications Development company with focus on human capital. Mission: To optimize the management of the investment in human capital: human + A.I. + Automation
  • MQC  Matrix-Q Circular Solutions. Scalable applications for 3-Fold Circular Economy, including SDG And Climate Change Innovation with Circular Economy. Mission: Our mission is to provide with the means that enable innovation and implementation of human-inclusive circular economy
  • Matrix-Q Consulting. Association of Consultants, Coaches & Trainers, holders of Matrix-Q Licenses. Provide collective consultancy services in systemic strategic business management; and Matrix-Q Academy & Certification services. Mission: To enable organizations and professionals to excel with a sustainable positive impact, human inclusive and circular approach.
  • Matrix-Q SDG 5. Ethical Business with focus on gender equity effectiveness, gender equality, prevent discrimination, women empowerment and inclusion. Mission: to enable collective emotional intelligence and sustainable growth with gender equity effectiveness
  • MQ4 Matrix-Q Solutions. Our mission is to enable a bridge for the global market to excel with the solutions provided by the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. We provide PR, Communication, Sales & Marketing for members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem
  • Prime-Do Dojo: We support social impact leaders acquire the knowledge and emotional intelligence skills necessary for the creation of a new economy, a sustainable, inclusive, and circular future.
  • MQRI The Matrix-Q Research Institute (Board Members Program). Our mission is to provide with the means that enable multidisciplinary research and innovation developed based on the Matrix-Q Body of Work.